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Need to generate sales AND outrun your competition? Then, look no further than Google Ads Management with our Nifty Marketing Specialist Team. Furthermore, Sit back, relax and watch your products and services gain dominance within your industry with an unmatched Google Ads campaign. Despite Google having their own ‘Google Ads Management’, they do not provide any IP addresses. However, at Nifty Ads, with our Specialist Ads Management we provide you with the IP addresses, this means you now have an idea where all your traffic is coming from. Furthermore, Take a look into our LinkedIn page to understand more on our Google Ads Management.

Although Google Ads gets you to pay per click (PPC) the price varies according to the keyword your Ad is based on. With Google Ads management, you can understand the where the traffic is coming from. Alongside paying your bills from the traffic provided through Google Adwords

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With Google Ads you will clearly notice traffic to your website surge. You will also notice more leads coming in. This is all possible with a Google Adwords campaign. On the other hand, Google Ads management is a necessity when it comes to any Google Ad Campaign, this means that not any particular individual can work on Google Ads Management.

But, If not done professionally, Google ad words may not work as orderly as it is supposed to. Moreover You can trust our digital marketing team to get you the outcomes you deserve with our Google Ads Management services. We are a Google partner for Adwords management services. Although our Google Ads management system aids us to manage multiple Google ads accounts. However, we can assist your business with lead generation with our ad words management services. Additionally, take a look into our Facebook Page for more Information

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At Nifty Marketing Australia we definitely enjoy developing high quality, high performing digital experiences. With our Digital Marketing skills we will definitely turn your Business in to a marketing machine. Furthermore, we guarantee our customers a long-lasting results for their businesses. Our team works with the latest technologies, strategies and platforms to enable your business the success it needs.

Our team of certified Google Ads Management Specialists have the essential skills to understand your business and it’s core requirements. We are all about making you happy and supporting you with a successful Google Ads campaign Management. We focus on your leads and provide you with the best of our Google Ads Management team.


App Advertising

In need of getting your IOS or Android App out in the public? Through Google Ads we offer the best conversion rates and engagements. We have the ability to successfully kick start your app.

High Quality ScoreAds

Our team at Nifty Marketing will create branded ads in order to attain a high Quality Score so that you are always on top of your competitors. Get started with Us Today and watch your Business Grow.

Local Search

Nifty Marketing offers individual display marketing strategies to increase brand exposure, engagement and conversions. We successfully manage both direct response campaigns and brand awareness campaigns.

Video Advertising

Nifty Marketing are professionals within the online advertising field. Our team is ready to help you get the competitive advantage by creating video adverts that will increase your brand’s presence.

Block Malicious Clickers

Sick and tired of malicious clickers on your Google Ads campaign. Competition is tough, but we have a solution to stop these clickers and optimise your Google Ads campaigns.

PPC Remarketing

Want to Turn your valuable ‘potential customers’ into ‘loyal customers’. Nifty Marketing will help you re-engage users who have expressed an interest by developing a strategy that will meet all your needs.


Google Shopping Ads

Shopping Ads show users a photo of your product, a title, price, store name, and more details about your product. Show an Ad featuring your product to people shopping online.

Responsive Ads

Responsive Ads automatically adjust their appearance, Size and format to fit available Ad spaces. They can transform into text or image Ads. Create Ads that fit just about any Ad space available.

Image Ads

Static or interactive graphics. Animated ads in .gif and Flash format can be used. Showcase your product or service in a visual way. Reach customers on websites that partner with Google.

Google Video Ads

Video ads that show online. Run standalone video ads or insert them in streaming video content. Deliver a rich and engaging experience to customers. Reach customers on websites that partner with Google.

Call Only Ads

Drive phone calls to your business with ads that include your phone number. People can click on these ads and then call your business directly. These ads will only appear on devices that can make phone calls.


Reach customers with a simple text when they search on Google. Use Ad extensions to provide additional details and contact information that can make your text ads more relevant to customers.

Get an instant Impact Today. Pay Per Click Google Ads management gives your brand a much larger reach and exposure as a result of being on the first page of the Google Search Engine.

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