OZ Pest Control

Website Design

After viewing Nifty Ads impressive website portfolio, OZ Pest Control put their website build in our hands with the ultimate goal of having it generate more sales online and display their service.

So we decided to build an SEO and mobile friendly to drive conversions. The website is stable and has easy-to-use platform.

Google AdWords

Thanks to our AdWords campaigns, OZ Pest Control’ online presence has done and complete 360 and lead numbers have increased significantly. Their AdWords campaigns were able to provide enough ROI for the business.

Over 200 web enquiries received since start of campaigns. 80% of website sales are delivered by Adwords.

1st Page Google Results for Keywords


Prepared a very detailed and clean looking website, user friendly, mobile responsive and succeeded in getting the client 1st Page Google results on major keywords and Local SEO by Local Areas.

Ran successful Google Adwords Campaign on getting the client 1st Page Results and 6 conversions per day.

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