24×7 IT Support

Website Design

They considered creating their own website, but then just decided to bite the bullet and enlist the experts at Nifty Ads to complete the project. They saw the potential of Nifty Ads that can create informative and awesome website.

What we have done is to create an informative and innovative website. It is a build responsive and mobile friendly website which can provide leads and possibly conversions.

Organic & Local SEO 

Apart from building a new website, Nifty Ads also implemented an SEO campaign aimed at improvement of of the levels and quality of website’s traffic and enhancing the visibility online.

SEO was properly implemented to 24×7 IT Support which provided 60% increase in website traffic. They are now receiving high volume of targeted traffic from the search engines and are well positioned with a highly converting website.

1st Page Google Results for Keywords


The implementation of the SEO campaign by our team has seen 24×7 IT Support online presence and traffic numbers grow substantially.

Given the fast-paced and changing nature of IT industry, our team knew a multi-channel digital strategy would be key. 24×7 IT Support engaged with SEO which have performed beyond our expectations.

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